Child Friendly Cities & Communities
Child Friendly Cities & Communities (CFCC) is part of the UNICEF-supported Child Friendly Cities Initiative - a  global programme that reaches almost 30 million children in 40 countries.
I designed the logo for CFCC for Unicef UK and a set of 13 icons that communicate the key principles that make up a child friendly city. The visual representation of icons are used by councils across the UK that work with UNICEF to put children’s rights into practice.
The Brighter View
The Brighter View is a social media campaign that aims to deliver positive news that uplifts and inspires people.
I designed a range of gifs and static adverts that were used to reach UNICEF’s target audience, and the logo for the campaign.
Facebook and Instagram Ad
DB7 Fund Impact Report
The 7 fund is an initiative set up between UNICEF and David Beckham to help break down barriers that prevent children - especially girls reaching their potential.
I designed the 2018 report, which highlights the successes of the DB7 fund in meeting its goals over the past 3 years, since 2015 and the impact it has made in the most impoverished regions of the world.

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