As part of my role as visual designer at Cheil, I worked closely with the UX, digital and development team to design and deliver a set of two multi-platform cashback offer landing pages over a two week sprint. Using Figma to create a fully responsive and ready for dev set of design deliverables.
The goal was to encourage UK consumers to buy a Samsung Galaxy s20 or a Samsung Galaxy s10, with the transfer of data from their old devices making the switch much more effortless. 
In addition, customers can claim up to £150 in cashback in return for their new Samsung purchase.  
Agency: Cheil
Year 2020

"Alison is a very personable professional who wants as many details as possible in order to deliver the right designs on time. I found my experiences with Alison to be fun rather than work. She is a brilliant designer and her creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen.

She was one of the very few freelancers that everyone in our office actually enjoyed doing business with on a regular basis.

Alison’s creativity and desire to meet client expectations make her the ideal designer for your organization."

- Selcuk Alpaycetin, Samsung

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